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Creating Your Peaceful & Clutter-Free Home

Learn how to declutter your home and create your sacred space.

by Emilio Garcia


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Creating Your Peaceful & Clutter-Free Home

Learn how to declutter your home and create your sacred space.

by Emilio Garcia

What you'll learn


Declutter and Organize Your Home


Connection Between Your Mental Health & Your Belongings


Learn How to Deal with Emotional Attachments


Set Your Intentions and Create an Actionable Plan That Fits You


In this 30-day course, learn how to declutter your home and bring simplicity into every space you use. It’s time to create your sacred space that will facilitate the lifestyle you want to live. Since 2012 I have been helping hundreds of individuals, and families declutter and organize their spaces. In this course, I want to share with you everything that I have learned, so that you can avoid mistakes and get the shortcut to getting the results that you want quickly.

Course structure


DAY 1: Understanding Your Clutter

Awareness is the first step in this clutter-free journey. It's important that you get a solid understanding of what clutter and excess mean so that you can start decluttering every area of your home with confidence and intention. Clutter is a personal perception and it can mean something different for every individual.


DAY 2: Embracing Your Current Life Situation

Once you become aware of your current situation, it’s time to embrace it and accept it. Everything you did brought you here, and every present moment is an opportunity for you to start doing something different and more aligned. Stop beating yourself up about your past and learn how to start living a more intentional and aligned life now.


DAY 3: Real Stories to Inspire You

Get inspired by these real stories from people just like you, who were drowning in clutter, and learn what they did to turn things around. Personal stories are always the best way to relate, get inspired, and connect with the possibility that lays in front of you. If they did it… so can you!


DAY 4: Reigniting Your Excitement to Change & Get into Your Flow

Now that you are aware of your situation and you accept it as is. You are ready to connect with the new reality you want to create for yourself. A reality that is exciting, aligned, grounded… it just feels good! You are about to get into your flow and you are going to love it!


DAY 5: Visualizing Your Sacred Space

Visualization is such a powerful practice that will help you see that new reality that already exists and you want to manifest. This visualization meditation will help you create space and time for you to connect with yourself and get clear on your intentions and reasons for change. Lots of clarity will come out of this practice.


DAY 6: Declaring Your Intentions & Connecting with Your Life Vision

It’s the time now to declare your intentions and create your new life vision. It’s important for you to write it down, so that you can reflect in the future and be amazed by your progress. When you take the time to create your life vision, you will gain clarity, confidence, and motivation. You will be able to get into your flow easily.


DAY 7: Including Others in Your Clutter-Free Journey

This journey will have a deep impact in your own life, and the life of all the people around you. You can share with others what you are doing and invite them to join you. Decluttering cannot be imposed on others. This lesson is all about ways to help you with clear communication and creating healthy boundaries.


DAY 8: Finding & Protecting Time for Your Transformation

Learn a very practical and visual way to create and protect the time that you need to make your clutter-free home a reality. The idea behind this exercise is to help you create a realistic and intentional week. We, humans, tend to be very optimistic when it comes to time and how many activities we can do every day. By having to fit those activities into a real week, you will become aware right away of what you can and can’t do, and then you will prioritize and set your intention.


DAY 9: Reducing Overwhelm, Mental Health, & Selfcare Practices

This journey will be a roller coaster of emotions. Feeling overwhelmed, triggered, emotional, sad, guilty, and many other states are normal and a necessary part of this journey. Selfcare is a very simple, yet powerful tool that you have to cope with all of these emotions. Self-care can also improve your productivity and focus. In this session you will learn how to use selfcare practices to improve your mental and emotional health.


DAY 10: An Aligned Method to Start Your Decluttering Journey

Learn a step by step tested method that will help you declutter and organize any space in your home with confidence. This framework has been tested with over 350 people in their own homes producing outstanding results since 2012. The main steps that you will learn are awareness, plan of attack, decluttering, organizing, beautifying, and maintaining.


DAY 11: Discovering Different Methods of Organization

Discover different methods of organization from people like Marie Kondo, Julie Morgenstern, and other experts that will help you understand that deep down, they all follow the same steps, just using different words and approaches. Becoming aware of these methods may help you have some “aha” moments and understand better the structure to follow.


DAY 12: Emotional Items, Mementos & Inheritances

Learn the deep connection between you and your belongings. There is a very deep physical, emotional, and energetic connection with all the things that surround you in your home, especially items that are emotional like mementos and inheritances from loved ones. Your mood and mental health can be very affected by your belongings. Understanding this relationship can help you declutter and organize your spaces with more confidence and create a home environment that supports the person you want to become.


DAY 13: Giving Your Unwanted Items a New Life

While doing your decluttering journey, you will be facing a lot of unwanted items that no longer serve you. Finding sustainable ways to give those items a new life will help you let them go with more confidence and gratefulness. In this session you will learn all the options available to give your unwanted items a deserved new life.


DAY 14: Giving & Receiving Gifts with Intention

Gift exchange is one of the main sources of clutter coming into your home. Especially during Christmas and birthday parties. In this session, I will share ideas for giving gifts that aren't things, and conversations to have with your loved ones around healthy gift exchange.


DAY 15: Beautifying & Cleansing Your Sacred Space

Once you have decluttered and organized your home, it’s time to beatify every space by displaying items you love, by painting in colors that inspire you, by adding plants… It’s time to make the space your space. It’s time to have fun in creating a space that suits your personality and style. You will also learn about ways to cleanse your space.


DAY 16: Embracing Your Digital Life in Your Home

Learn healthy habits to be more intentional and less distracted with your digital life. These strategies will help you embrace your digital life in your home and make the choice of distraction less favourable.


DAY 17: Maintaining, Creating Rituals & Transitioning Through Stages of Life

Once you have created your new clutter-free home, it's time to maintain it and create new habits and rituals to sustain all the amazing changes you created. Consistency in your actions is the key to success. It’s also important to understand the cycles of life and how we need to adjust through all the different stages.


DAY 18: Cleaning Routines & Pets

Once you create your beautiful sacred home, it’s very important to create healthy cleaning routines. In this session, you will learn how to stream line your cleaning by creating simple routines to follow. For those of you who have pets, we will also talk about ways to integrate your pet’s belongings in your home and all the necessary routines that need to happen to ensure they are well taken care of.


DAY 19: Kitchen, Pantry, & Fridge

Learn best practices you can use in your day-to-day meal plan to save you time, money and eat healthier. Create a functional Kitchen, pantry, and frigde that will help you create your ideal kitchen flow. Remember that your BODY is one of the most important elements of your life. And we are what we eat.


DAY 20: Closet, Clothes, & Laundry

We all have to get dressed every day. And we all have to deal with LAUNDRY!! Believe it or not, there is a secret relationship between laundry and how you organize your closet. Once you discover your own closet and laundry flow, your life will change forever! Can't wait to help you discover your flow.


DAY 21: Bedroom & Bathroom

Your bedroom is your sacred space for relaxation and rest. In this session, you will learn how to create a bedroom where you feel invited to relax. You will also learn how to declutter, organize, and beautify your bathroom.


DAY 22: Playroom, Kids, & Toys

Learn how to create a kid’s friendly space without drowning in toys, diapers, Lego pieces, and marbles. This session is especially designed for parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties, and anyone who shares their home with kids.


DAY 23: Living Room, Rec Room, & Entryway

Learn how to declutter and organize 3 common spaces in your home. Create a healthy flow so that you and your loved ones can enjoy quality time and fun entertainment.


DAY 24: Basement & Attic

Basements and Attics are normally one of the most overwhelming spaces to declutter due to the amount of stuff sitting there. The bigger they are, the more cluttered they get. Learn how to deal with these two spaces with intention and confidence.


DAY 25: Garage & Equipment

Garages are the most convenient space in the house to just put stuff down. Especially heavy and big objects that don’t fit somewhere else. Learn how to design a garage that fits your specific needs. It’s not always to park a car inside. You will also learn about equipment and how to best store it.


DAY 26: Storage Areas, Seasonal, & Miscellaneous Items

Learn how to declutter and optimize the usage of every storage area in your home. You will also learn how to deal with seasonal items like Christmas, Halloween… and what to do with those miscellaneous items that are always in the way.


DAY 27: Books, Crafts, & Hobbies

Learn how to declutter and organize books, crafts, and hobbies, so that you can actually access things easily. Many want to pursue their hobbies but they don’t have a space to actually do them. In this session, you will be able to design and create your craft’s room where your creativity will flow.


DAY 28: Office, Papers, & Finances

This session is all about helping you tame your paper clutter and create an inviting office space. Paper is one of the most challenging kinds of clutter. Learn an efficient method to optimize your paper flow.


DAY 29: Photos, Trophies, & Art

It’s time to tackle these emotional items and hopefully display the ones you love. In this session, you will learn how to rotate art and change the energy in your space when you need to feel refreshed, how to organize your photos in a way that makes sense to you and your loved ones, and how to best honor the things you are proud of.


DAY 30: Celebrating Your Progress & Recap of Last 30 Days

It’s time to CELEBRATE your progress and your commitment. We are going to reflect back in your intentions and see where you are now. We will also do a recap of all the things you learned in the last 30 days, and how you can keep moving forward.



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Emilio is a playful & passionate teacher, speaker, & coach. His mission is to make intentional living simple, fun, & available to every person on the planet. He is the co-founder of KW Professional Organizers. Emilio's teachings are simple, inspiring, and actionable.


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Creating Your Peaceful & Clutter-Free Home

by Emilio Garcia

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