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Understanding Your Executive Functioning Skills

Become aware & improve your ability to control your thoughts, emotions, and actions so that you can manage your life better.

by Emilio Garcia


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Understanding Your Executive Functioning Skills

Become aware & improve your ability to control your thoughts, emotions, and actions so that you can manage your life better.

by Emilio Garcia


Executive functioning skills allow you to consciously control your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions in order to achieve goals and manage your life.

These skills allow you to manage your working memory, so that you can execute plans, goals, and specific steps needed to reach your goal. Organize the order in which you complete activities and use your time. Identify what you think about. And help you self-regulate your feelings and emotions.

This course will help you become aware of your relationship with these skills, how your brain works, and find strategies to improve them.

The executive functioning skills covered in this course are: Working Memory, Adaptable Thinking, Metacognition, Emotional Control, Response Inhibition, Impulse Control, Emotional Self-Regulation, Task Initiation, Focus, Attention Control, Time Management, Completing Tasks, Organization, Planning, Sequencing, Prioritizing, and Transitioning.

This is a practical course. The main intention for this course is to help you notice your skills one by one, observe how they work in your day-to-day life, and learn strategies to improve them in a way that feels good to you and your brain 😉

Number of days/ sessions: 18

Course structure


Day 1: What Are Executive Functioning Skills?

Learn what executive functioning skills are and how they help you manage your mind and your life. You will learn what these skills are, what they help you do, and how they interact with each other.


Day 2: Examples of Executive Functioning Skills in Action

The best way to understand executive functioning skills is by looking at real life examples of how these skills work and how they help us manage every area of our minds and lives. In this session, we will look at real life situations where these skills are in action.


Day 3: Understanding & Honouring How Your Brain Works

Your brain is beautiful and unique the way it is now. Once you understand and honour how your brain works by noticing and becoming aware of how it functions, you will then be able to accept it and find strategies to complement and improve your executive functioning skills.


Day 4: Working Memory

Working memory allows you to keep key information while performing a task. Learn how this skill works and strategies to help you improve it.


Day 5: Adaptable Thinking / Cognitive Flexibility

Adaptable thinking allows you to adjust your behaviour to unexpected changes. Discover how you react to unexpected events and learn strategies to become more flexible.


Day 6: Metacognition

Metacognition means “thinking about how we think”. It’s the ability to be aware of our own thoughts processes and an understanding of the patterns behind them. It’s our ability to reflect about what we think and do. This session will allow you space to pay attention to this specific skill and learn strategies to improve it.


Day 7: Emotional Control / Emotional Self-Regulation

Emotional control is our ability to identify and self-regulate our emotions and how we react to them. Become aware of how you manage your emotions and learn practical strategies to improve this skill.


Day 8: Response Inhibition / Impulse Control

Response inhibition is the ability to suppress actions that do not fit the current context and would interfere with goal driven behavior. Learn how to pay attention to this skill in your day-to-day life and strategies to improve your responses.


Day 9: Task Initiation

Task initiation is the skill that allows us to get started doing tasks. Learn strategies to help you improve this skill so that you can overcome procrastination.


Day 10: Attention Control and Focus

Attention control is your ability to decide what you pay attention to and what you ignore. And focus is your ability to concentrate your attention into a specific task. Learn your relationship with these skills and strategies to help you control your attention and focus better.


Day 11: Time Management

Time management helps you use your time consciously, efficiently, and intentionally. Learn what your relationship with time is and strategies to improve your time management skills.


Day 12: Completing Tasks

Completing a task is the skill that will allow you to take the required actions, with the required attention/focus, at the required time to make sure that a task is completed according to a specific standard. Learn strategies to avoid procrastination and stay motivated until your task is completed.


Day 13: Organization

Organization is the skill that helps you keep track of things physically and mentally. It also helps you create structure and systems to be able to maintain order. This session will help you notice your relationship with this skill and learn strategies to improve your organizational skills.


Day 14: Planning

Planning is the skill that will help you design and find a way to carry-out tasks to reach a specific outcome. Discover the way you use this skill and strategies that will help you plan better.


Day 15: Sequencing

Sequencing is your ability to put tasks in the right order to be able to achieve your desired outcome. Sequencing can help you create efficient systems and routines that you understand and are able to follow. Learn how you sequence and ways to improve this skill.


Day 16: Prioritizing

Prioritizing is your ability to decide what tasks or outcomes are more important and need your immediate attention. You will learn to pay attention to the way you prioritize in your day-to-day life and find deeper and more intentional strategies.


Day 17: Transitioning / Shifting

Transitioning or shifting is your ability to move intentionally from task to task allowing yourself enough buffer time to get ready physically, mentally, and emotionally. You will become aware of how you transition in your day-to-day life and you will learn practical strategies to transition with more intention.


Day 18: Celebration & Recap of Executive Functioning Skills

This session will give you a recap of all the executive functioning skills that we covered.



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Understanding Your Executive Functioning Skills

by Emilio Garcia

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