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Advanced English Expressions

Learn idioms and phrases to enrich your vocabulary!

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Advanced English Expressions

Learn idioms and phrases to enrich your vocabulary!


If you have an advanced level in English, or your aim is to reach an advanced level, you will know that learning a language is not just about studying grammar, pronunciation and individual words. An important part of learning a language well is also learning idioms and other phrases (expressions).

English is rich in idioms that might sound a bit strange if you've never heard them before. If we say that something is a piece of cake, for example, we're not usually talking about a slice of a baked dessert.

Or if we say that we were left in the dark, we don't usually mean that we were abandoned in a room with the lights switched off.

And what on earth does “for the time being” mean? What is the time being... ?

In this course, you'll learn how to use these expressions and many, many more!

You'll hear the expressions in short conversations, and each conversation will be followed by a vocabulary analysis in which we'll examine the meanings of those expressions.

This course will give you a richer English vocabulary which will allow you to understand native speakers more easily, and also allow you to express yourself more naturally.

About Max English


I'm a native English speaker from Australia and I've been teaching English to adults for many years. I make light-hearted online videos (YouTube and Instagram) for people who are serious about improving their English.

As well as being CELTA-certified, I have a Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences from the University of Sydney and a Master's in Translation from the Sorbonne.

I also love learning languages myself. I speak French, German and Spanish fluently, and I know some Indonesian, Italian and Portuguese.

My aim is to teach with clarity, empathy and a touch of humour.

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Advanced English Expressions

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