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Advanced Phrasal Verbs

Get the vocabulary of an English native speaker!

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Advanced Phrasal Verbs

Get the vocabulary of an English native speaker!


Just hearing the term "phrasal verbs" can make some people panic. But it doesn't need to be like that!

In case you're unsure about what a phrasal verb is, it is a small group of 2 or 3 words consisting of a verb and 1 or 2 particles (prepositions or adverbs). The addition of 1 or 2 particles can slightly or completely change the meaning of the verb. For example, the meaning of "look" is very different to the meaning of "look after".

The key is to hear them several times in various contexts. After a while you will start to build up your "bank" of phrasal verbs and they will no longer seem intimidating.

In this course you will hear a series of conversations which include phrasal verbs. These will be followed by a vocabulary analysis in which we'll look at the definitions of the phrasal verbs, as well as some other examples of how they can be used.

This is an advanced vocabulary course, so we're going to focus on phrasal verbs that aren't necessarily used every day, but that all adult native speakers know. For example: churn out, tone down, freshen up, ease up, etc.

This course will not only help you understand authentic English better, but also enable you to express yourself in more interesting ways!

About Max English


I'm a native English speaker from Australia and I've been teaching English to adults for many years. I make light-hearted online videos (YouTube and Instagram) for people who are serious about improving their English.

As well as being CELTA-certified, I have a Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences from the University of Sydney and a Master's in Translation from the Sorbonne.

I also love learning languages myself. I speak French, German and Spanish fluently, and I know some Indonesian, Italian and Portuguese.

My aim is to teach with clarity, empathy and a touch of humour.

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Advanced Phrasal Verbs

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