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Practical Techniques For Raising Your Vibraton and Energy

Water programming, disease mechanisms, homeopathy, crystals, practice gratitude, forgiveness, your mission here & more

by Geo Mihalache


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Practical Techniques For Raising Your Vibraton and Energy

Water programming, disease mechanisms, homeopathy, crystals, practice gratitude, forgiveness, your mission here & more

by Geo Mihalache

What you'll learn


Long-term vibration lifting exercises and techniques


Exercises and techniques to remove mental blockages


Solutions for finding feminine energy


Solutions to understand the traumas of others and to forgive them


Solutions for getting rid of various fears


Natural remedies for body and soul


We live in times of great planetary transformations. After 2012, our planet entered the fourth dimension, which means that her vibration has increased progressively until today and we, those who she accepts and to whom she offers support and understanding, must learn to keep up. The state of chaos that many of us feel and see around has several causes - the negative feelings we are overwhelmed by, the fact that we do not care about our bodies, the fact that we do not know how to accept change and do not know how to balance ourselves. My course offers you a series of practical techniques for raising your vibration, balancing and achieving well-being both mentally and physically. The human being must be sees as a whole and none of its elements, nor the body, nor the spirit must be neglected. I invite you to discover all these techniques that have meant great change for me since 2012.

I will give you details about the feelings you have to cultivate, about the power of thought, about water programming, the New German Medicine or how to get rid of the fears related to the disease, about femininity and complementary feminine and masculine energies, about body care, about forgiveness, gratitude, the power of affirmations, the use of crystals, our purpose on Earth and much more, all with practical applications.

Course structure


About Feelings

About positive and negative feelings, how they occur and which ones trigger a lift in vibration


Understanding Energy Thieves

  • James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy and the 4 types of energy thieves - understanding them and stopping the energy theft;

  • Lise Burbeau, The 5 Wounds that Don't Allow Us to Be Ourselves and how childhood traumas affect our adult life, our vibration and our attitude towards those around us;

  • Clean ways to raise our energy level


Purifying Your Space

Using plants, oils and other techniques to clean your space physically and energetically


The Energy of Beautiful Things

How beautiful things bring positive energy while broken and ugly things bring negative energy


The Power of Water

About amazing water experiments, programming water, raising your vibration through water, connecting with your ancestors with the help of water


The Power of Food and Air

How food and air nourish your body and Soul; what to eat and what to avoid for a high vibration; should we or shouldn't we eat meat; how food catches the energy of the people touching and cooking it


New German Medicine

Learn how to get rid of all your fears concerning disease by understanding the biological mechanisms involved. Learn about dr. Hamer's 5 Biological Laws and understand what happens in your body when you are sick. Predict and avoid disease. Yes, it's possible!


New German Medicine - Explained Cases - part 1

Several Explained Cases: otitis left ear, urinary tract infection, otitis right ear, why do chilren get the cold in kindergarten, rash on kid's leg


New German Medicine - Explained Cases - part 2

Various illnesses explained: fever and frontal headache in child, heartburn, righ ear pain, right tonsil pain, burning right part of the scalp, dry cough, breast lump


The Power of Homeopathy and Floral Remedies

Learn how to create (by programming water) and use homeopathic and Bach floral remedies. Learn what they are and how they can help you.


The Power of Affirmations

Learn how to get rid of your negative mental blockages with the use of affirmations and Neuro-Linguistic Programming within a session of 21 or 28 days


The Power of Crystals

Learn how to choose, purify, charge and use crystals. Plus a lot of my personal success stories with crystals


The Power of the Dress

Learn how to be feminine, how and why to cultivate your feminine energies, and learn why is wearing a dress so important for women


The Power of Gratitude

Learn how to attract what you want by being grateful for what you already have - you get what you focus on - focus on being thankful and you will get more of what you thanked for; focus on lack and you will get more of it – from the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne with practical exercises


Our Soul's Journey

Understand what our purpose here on Earth is and learn to be at peace with yourself and the others – ideas to remember from the books of Dr. Brian Weiss. We are here to learn and all is set by ourselves – there is no punishment, no sin, no hell…


The Power of Forgiveness

Let the positive energies flow by practicing forgiveness – understand what our mission here on Earth is, understand the traumas that you and those around have and learn how to forgive them and yourself. Practice ho’oponopono as one of the techniques and take responsibility for your creations


The Power of Thought

Understand how you shape the world around with the power of your thoughts and a few techniques to start materializing your thoughts


The Power of Creation

Learn how to handle the most powerful energy on Earth, one that in our society is considered dirty, animalic and hidden


About Work Ethics and Money

Being able to understand that you were not born to work is one of the signs of enlightenment. You were born to create, learn and enjoy this world, not spend 12 hours each day working, especially a job you hate and do for money only. Plus a 28-day program to attract money


Fast Solutions to Raise Your Vibration

Fast techniques to raise your vibration when in need - when sad, depressed, desperate, scared. They all work fast



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About Geo Mihalache


Human Resources Manager until 2015, over 10 years of experience, graduate in economics and management, now Voiceover artist in Romanian and English.

My courses represent my path to raising my vibration towards a balanced and fulfilled personal life after my decision to end my corporate career in HR.


Learn at your own pace


100% satisfaction guarantee


Practical Techniques For Raising Your Vibraton and Energy

by Geo Mihalache

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