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The Complete IT Job Search Course - Land Your Dream IT Job

Launch Your IT Job Search On the Right Track! Master the IT World's LinkedIn Resume CV Writing & Interviewing Skills

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The Complete IT Job Search Course - Land Your Dream IT Job

Launch Your IT Job Search On the Right Track! Master the IT World's LinkedIn Resume CV Writing & Interviewing Skills

What you'll learn


How to search for an IT job


How to apply for an IT job


Be successful in resume and job interview


How to land the dream job in IT


The Complete IT Job Search Course - Land Your Dream IT Job

In this course, Imran Afzal will share the new techniques and tricks to find a job effectively in the IT field. He will teach you how to develop your skills and build your brand. Also how you can stay on top of all the recent technologies. Imran Afzal has collaborated with TJ Walker (a world class public speaker). He will provide you with the best guidance on how to improve your interview skills

Here is what Imran Afzal will cover in the first half:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Picking only one IT field
  • Understand the Job Title
  • Put Your Skin in the Game
  • Write Down your Goal
  • Don't be Jealous of Others Success, Follow Instead
  • Leave no Choice, Burn your Boats and Be Hungry
  • Stay Persistent
  • How to update your skills
  • College degree
  • A+ certification
  • IT Diploma
  • In-call or online training
  • Certification
  • Conferences
  • Internship
  • Signup for vendor newsletter
  • Review Competitive Resumes
  • Resume designing and formating
  • Common resume mistakes
  • Applying at IT job portals
  • Working with Recruiters or Headhunters and HR Rep
  • Search for job keywords
  • Set up job alerts
  • Getting Help from Family and Friends
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Job Search Tracker

Part II - TJ Walker Interview Course:

Imagine your job search is going well. Your LinkedIn profile has gotten you in front of the right people. Your resume and CV have landed you interviews. And now it’s time for your big interview…

Are you ready?

TJ Walker, number one communication skills instructor, will teach you every trick in the book when it comes to coming across your best in every single job interview. Nobody can guarantee that you’ll get every single job offer, but we can make sure that you come across your very best in every single interview.

TJ will teach you the following:

  • How to exude confidence
  • How to tell stories that showcase your accomplishments
  • How to make the Interviewer feel like you would be an indispensable part of their team
  • Last-minute prep tips for every job interview
  • The sure-fire way of rehearsing for every single job interview to give you maximum confidence in authority before every job interview

Leave nothing to chance! It’s not enough to search for jobs the right way, have a great LinkedIn page, have the perfect resume and CV, or master job interview skills. You must excel in every one of these job search elements. Then, and only then, will you land your dream job and prepare yourself for a series of jobs that will give you the ultimate Career you dream of and deserve.

Go ahead and enroll in this IT job search course today.

This Job Search course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: LinkedIn - resume - job interview - resume writing - the complete resume - job search - interview - resume building. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: interviewing skills - resume and cv writing - LinkedIn.

Course structure


Introduction - Part I

  • Introduction
  • Pick Only One Field - Part I
  • Pick Only One Field - Part II
  • Understand the Job Title
  • Put Your Skin in the Game
  • Write your Goals
  • Don't be Jealous of Others Success, Follow Instead
  • Leave no Choice, Burn your Boats and Be Hungry
  • Stay Persistent


Acquire or Update Skills

  • College Degrees
  • New to IT (A+ Certification)
  • IT Related Diplomas
  • In-Class OR Online IT Courses
  • IT Certifications
  • IT Conferences and Webinars
  • Internship
  • Sign up for community forums
  • Sign up for vendors newsletter
  • Review Competitive Resumes
  • Read a Book and Newspaper



  • Resume design and format
  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Objective or Summary
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Length of the Resume
  • Support your Resume
  • Cover letter


Time to Apply for IT Jobs

  • Apply at Job Websites
  • Recruiters or Headhunters and HR Rep
  • Search for job keywords
  • Setup job alerts
  • Apply for Jobs on Company Websites
  • Getting Help from Friends and Family
  • Reach Out to Recruiters
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • YouTube and Other Social Media
  • Job Search Tracker
  • Update your Profile Every Week


TJ Walker Interview Course - Part II

  • Quick Wins Stand Out With a Video Thank You Note
  • You Can Accomplish Your Primary Goal - Getting the Job Offer
  • Here Is Why You Are The Absolute Best Person for This Job
  • This Is How You Will Stand Out
  • Here Is What Is Special About You


Developing Your Winning Interview Mindset

  • Deliver a Career Catapulting Presentation
  • Your Resume Has Done Its Job, Now It Is Your Turn
  • This Is The Perfect Time To Be Politically Correct
  • Please Tell Me About Yourself
  • You Can Convince The Interviewer You Are The Best Person for the Job
  • Convince the Interviewer You Are a Self-Learner
  • The Consulting Freelancing Backdoor Into Your Dream Job
  • The REAL Reason Job Interviews Take Place
  • Make The Interview a Two Way Street


Maintaining a Winning Mental State for Job Interviewing

  • Interviewing Skills With a Positive Mental State
  • Create Your Winning Message
  • The 60 Second Winning Interview


Roll Up Our Sleeves And Prepare for The Interview

  • Let’s Get to Work
  • The Secrets Are At Your Fingertips
  • Plan Your Logistics The Right Way
  • LinkedIn Opposition Research
  • The Basic Facts Are Not Enough
  • This are How People Interviewed In Your Industry
  • The Perfect Time for Your Job Interview


Advanced TJ Tips

  • This Won’t Work In Every Situation, But...
  • Create Value for the Interviewer Right Away
  • Give An Actual Presentation


Winning Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication

  • What You Saying Before You Say Anything
  • Dress for Success and The Job Offer
  • Jewelry To Enhance Not Detract
  • Gender Clothing Issues
  • Makeup is Not a Made Up Issue


The Sweet Smell of Your Success

  • Walking Into the Interview With Grace
  • Have The Look
  • Winning The Voice Competition
  • Mirror Mirror On the Wall and In the Chair
  • No, You Can’t Bring a Fidget Spinner
  • The Picture of Success


You Can Eliminate Your Nerves

  • Nervousness Can Melt Away
  • The Real Reason You are Nervous About Your Interviewing Skills
  • Horrible Practices To Avoid At All Costs
  • Just Say No
  • Never Let them see Or Feel You Sweat
  • Exhale Your Worries Away
  • Exercise Your Stress Away
  • Enough With Poor Little Me
  • Pitching Yourself On a Regular Basis Where the Stakes are Low


Rehearse Your Interviewing Skills Like a Pro

  • The Ultimate Success Tip for Great Job Interviewing Skills
  • Winging It Is Always a Bad Idea
  • The Checklist for Critiquing Your Interview Skills
  • The Perfect Interviewing Skills Partner for You Is...
  • Practice On Video This Way
  • The Magic Practice Number is 10
  • Now It Is Your Turn


Only Minutes to Go Before Your Interview!

  • Last Minute Tips Before You Start the Interview
  • Don’t Get There On time, Get There Early
  • Lose Your Phone
  • Hands Free and Clutter Free
  • The Last Minute Pit Stop
  • Your Winning Bag of Tricks
  • Cracked Lips No More
  • Never Let Your Stomach Betray You
  • The 30 Minute Drill
  • Great Way to Not Look Like a Horse or a Cow
  • Serenity Now!


You Are Now In the Interview

  • Things To Do In Your Interview
  • The Interview Starts Right Now
  • You Are Not Being Called Into the Principal’s Office
  • Someone Might Be More Nervous Than You
  • Name and Title Please
  • Now We Can Dive Right In
  • Here Is How to Talk Like a Human Being
  • Clean Laundry Here
  • If You Are Winning the Debate, You’ve Lost the Debate
  • Show You Are a Real Person
  • Be Cool!
  • Treat Your Interviewer the Way You Want to Be Treated
  • Abort the Mission If You Need To
  • The Slick Way To Not Look Too Slick
  • Keep Focused On the Primary Objective
  • Not An Exact Fit Here, But...
  • Your Style, Not the Interviewer’s Style
  • Confidence Yes, Arrogance No
  • The Interviewer Must Always Feel In Control of the Show
  • Answering Questions With Just The Right Amount of Confidence
  • Bigger and More Important Than You
  • Don’t Lie! It’s Wrong and You Could Get Caught
  • It’s Not a Comedy Show, But It Is a Show
  • Not an Enemy, But Not a Friend
  • Show Strength Through Flexibility
  • Prove You Are a Team Player
  • Communicating With Others Is Your Strength
  • The World Can Be Your Oyster
  • Be Fun, But Be Serious
  • Forget The Canned Answers
  • The Technology Overlay To Your Professional Life


Here Is How To Answer Questions With Skill

  • The Real Question Inside Every Question
  • This Isn’t the Classroom
  • And...Why Is This Relevant To Me Hiring You
  • No Stupid Questions But There Are Stupid Answers
  • More Question Strategies
  • Your Goal Is to Communicate, Not Necessarily To Be Concise
  • Here Is Why You Should Hire Me
  • Pushing All The Right Buttons In Your Answers
  • Answer Questions In a Likeable Way
  • Working the Upbeat Angle
  • Be G-Rated Authentic
  • All Time Stops When You Are In an Interview
  • Thinking Is OK In An Interview
  • Abstraction Is Your Enemy In Job Interviews
  • Planting Positive Seeds In the Mind of the Interviewer
  • The Interviewer Wants You To Succeed
  • Figure Out a Way To Show You Love Technology
  • This Is Not the Time To Be Modest


Here Are Questions You Had Better Be Prepared For

  • Tests Are Easy When You Know The Questions In Advance
  • Why Did You Leave Your Last Job
  • What Was The Best Job You Ever Had
  • What Was Your Least Favorite Job Ever
  • What Are You Looking for In Your Ideal Job
  • Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years
  • When Did You Work With a Difficult Colleague
  • What Kind of Team Projects Have You Worked On
  • Why Should We Hire You Practice Your Interview Skills Now


Notes On Note Taking During Job Interviews

  • Here Is Why You Should Take Notes During a Job Interview
  • You Don’t Need High Tech for Note Taking
  • More reasons To Take Notes During a Job Interview
  • Why The Interviewer Needs To See You Taking Notes
  • Good Note Taking Can Reduce Your Stress During the Interview
  • No, You Can’t Use a Laptop During a Job Interview
  • Look At the Interviewer, Not Your Notes
  • Using Your Notes To Your Advantage
  • Review Your Notes on Note


Selling Yourself By Asking Smart Questions

  • Preparing Your Questions Strategically
  • Questions To Increase Your Odds
  • Don’t Go Overboard, You Aren’t The Investigative Journalist
  • Your Tight List of Planned Questions
  • Your Questions Will Show You’ve Done Homework
  • The Right Questions Will Demonstrate Your Abilities


Here Is What NOT To Say and Do During a Job Interview

  • This Won’t Help You
  • The Real Mistake To Worry About
  • At This Stage, Resumes Are Boring
  • No, It’s Not Safe To Talk Religion Or Politics In a Job Interview
  • Never Put Yourself Down, Other People Are Willing To Do That
  • You Don’t Get Frustrated
  • G-Rated Language the Whole Time
  • Never Ask How Soon Until The Next Promotion
  • Be Careful About Leveraging Insider Contacts
  • Avoid Cliches Like the Plague Interviewing Skills
  • Don’t Get Too Cocky
  • You Don’t Care How Old or Young Your Boss Is
  • No Invitations Yet
  • Your Interviewer Is Not Your Career Coach
  • Don’t Ask for Gossip Or Dirt
  • Don’t Repeat Your Questions
  • Don’t Lie About Previous Salary
  • Don’t Ask About Work Hours Because You Love To Work All the Time
  • You Aren’t Personal Friends Yet
  • Don’t Ask If You Can Work from Home
  • Hold Off On the Special Circumstances for Now
  • Your Focus Still Needs to Be On What You DO Want to Say, Not What You Don’t Want


Things To Do Right As You Are Leaving the Interview

  • The Last BIG Positive Impression
  • Get the Interviewer’s Business Card
  • And In Summary
  • Establish a Follow-Up Plan
  • Be a Gracious Guest


Your Total Professional Package

  • Every Touch Point With the Interviewer Must Be Professional
  • Have a Voicemail That Isn’t Full
  • Your Voicemail Needs to Say Who You Are
  • Hand the Interviewer Your Business Card
  • Have a Simple Email Address
  • Create The Image You Want for Your Next 2 Jobs


Presents To Leave So You Won’t Be Forgotten

  • Reminders You Were There
  • Get Your Portfolio Ready
  • Professional Certifications Are Available Here
  • Writing Samples and Other Goodies
  • References So You Won’t Have To Take My Word for Things


Great References Can Make All the Difference

  • References The Right Way
  • Make It Easy To Get Ahold Of Your References
  • Great Communication With Your References
  • Reference Timing


A Few Resume Tips

  • Resumes Are Not All the Same
  • Update Your Resume Every 30 Days
  • Filling The Resume Gap


Your Winning Social Media Strategy

  • Your Social Media Reputation
  • Your Google Reputation
  • The Right Way and The Wrong Way to Approach People on Social Media
  • Quality Beats Quantity Every Time
  • Social Media Is For Everyone These Days


Take These Steps Right After the Interview

  • The Gold Standard - The Handwritten Thank You Note
  • The Right Way to Send an Email Thank You Note
  • Email Versus Text Thank You Notes
  • Power Thank You Notes Based On Your Interview Notes
  • Remain Calm, Things Might Turn Your Way
  • Follow Up and Deliver Anything Else You Delivered During the Interview
  • The Follow Up Dance
  • Keep Your Recruiter In the Loop
  • Don’t Panic During a Stall
  • Nip It In the Bud


Delicate Issues To Tiptoe Around

  • Tread Lightly Here
  • Making the Case You Aren’t a Flake
  • Don’t Bring Up Negative News Coverage
  • Don’t Let Negative Reactions To Negative News Sink You
  • Calming Your Interviewer Down
  • Don’t Interrupt!
  • Get a Clue!
  • Not Too Brash and Not Too Meek
  • A Gap Too Big To Ignore
  • If Somebody Else Fired You...
  • Here Is Why You Are NOT a Flaky Person


Interviewing Skills for Skype and Telephone Interviews

  • The Next Best Thing To Being There
  • Phone Interviews Are Still Serious Job Interviews
  • Never Use a Speakerphone!
  • The Spontaneous Phone Interview Request
  • A Controlled Environment for Your Video Interviews
  • The Standing Phone Interview
  • The Live Online Video Interview for You
  • You Simple, Low-Cost Skype Interview Studio
  • Makeup for Skype Video Interviews
  • A Controlled Environment for Your Phone Interviews
  • Ideally, Your Glasses Won’t Dominate the Screen


Interview Skills Needed for Special Situations

  • Out of the Ordinary Interviews
  • Remember, Your Mission Has Not Changed
  • The Group Interview
  • Interviews In Other Cities
  • Job Fair Opportunities
  • Panel Interviews
  • Behavioral Interviews
  • Sequential Interviews
  • Job Interviews Over a Meal
  • The Recorded Video Interview
  • Case Study Interviews
  • Obnoxious Questions
  • Tests and Projects
  • Summer Jobs, Part-Time Jobs
  • Interviewing for A Job With Your Existing Company


Negotiating Your Best Salary

  • Show Me the Money!
  • This Is How Much Money You Want
  • Your Response To Their First Offer
  • What To Say About Salary
  • The Budget Range
  • It’s About More Than Money
  • Know Your Priorities
  • Added Value
  • There Will Never Be a Better Time To Get a pay Increase Than Right Now


You Didn’t Get The Job Offer This Time

  • Nobody Gets Every Job Offer
  • Don’t Ask Why
  • Sometimes You Just Know
  • It’s Really Not You
  • OK, It Was You
  • Focus On Building Your Long Term Reputation


Advanced Storytelling Techniques for Job Interviews

  • Your Accomplishments Will Be Remembered Thanks to Great Storytelling
  • Tell Me About a Time...
  • The Elements of Storytelling
  • 10 Assembling the Basic Build Blocks of Your Stories
  • The Real Reason We Are Telling These Stories Is...
  • Even Deeper Character Development
  • You Can Be the Star of Your Own Show
  • Here is Where All the Action Takes Place
  • Why Nobody Wants to Hear About Your Happy Family
  • Dialogue will Bring Your Stories to Life
  • Sharing Feelings IS Professional
  • Lights! Action! (And no Camera)
  • Put the Audience On Their Edge of Their Seats
  • It's OK Not to Love Storytelling
  • Surprise!
  • End with a Bang!
  • Tie Your Message to Your Story
  • Extra Ingredients for A Spicy Story
  • And Now, Here Is Your Story


Double The Number of Job Interviews You Get

  • Time To Get More Job Interviews
  • Pros and Cons of Online Job Sites
  • Your Referral Pipeline
  • The Radical Notion of Following Up
  • Find Recruiters In Your Industry
  • Social Media Referrals
  • Leveraging The Insider’s Network To Your Advantage
  • Connect At the Top


Broader Interviewing Skills Concepts

  • The Bigger Picture
  • Learn from Every Single Interview
  • If You Do Get Advice From An Interviewer, Take It
  • Don’t Be Concise. Be Fantastic.
  • Guard Against Burnout
  • You Have More Power If You Have An Existing Job
  • Take a Stretch Interview
  • The Best Place to Practice Is Still In Front of a Video Camera
  • There Is No Such Thing As a Perfect Job


More Common and Uncommon Questions

  • Getting Ready for Even More Questions
  • What Is Your Biggest Weakness
  • What Is the Biggest Mistake You Have ever Made
  • What Is the Toughest Question You Fear Being Asked
  • Who Are Our Competitors
  • What Kind of a Tree Would You Be
  • Why do You Want to Leave Your Current Position
  • What Is Your Ideal Work Environment
  • What Would Your Previous Co-workers Say About You
  • Why Are You The Very Best Person for This Job
  • Would You Fit In Here With Our Corporate Culture
  • What Is Your Favorite Book
  • Take a Look At the Long List of Other Questions Posted Here In the Resource Sec


Workplace Communication: You Can Speak Up at Meetings

  • How to Speak Up at Meetings Overview
  • Asking Questions the Right Way
  • Using Notes Effectively In Meetings
  • Risk Assessment
  • Be Conversational
  • Exude Confidence
  • Conclusion


Workplace Communication: Effectively Deliver Criticism - Business Communication

  • How to Deliver Criticism in the Workplace Intro
  • Start with Praise
  • Isolate Exactly What is Wrong
  • Give Highly Specific Advice
  • End with Positive Context
  • Workplace Video Rehearsal
  • Criticism in the Workplace Conclusion


Listening Skills: The Ultimate Business Communication Soft Skill for Leaders

  • Quick Wins - The Cell Phone Secret to Good Listening Skills
  • Stacking the Listening Environment in Your Favor
  • The Telephone Listening Trap Will Never Catch You Again
  • Housekeeping Note Sometimes You should Turn OFF Your Listening Skills
  • Setting Just One Agenda Item Listening
  • It Is Incredibly Easy to See How Well You Are Listening - Test
  • It's Even Easier to Listen When You Do This...
  • Technology Will Eat Your Brain Unless You Do This
  • Using Your Most Effective Body Language Tool
  • The Best Listening Body Language From the Neck Down
  • Reading the Speaker's Body
  • Connecting At the Emotional Level with Your Colleague To Hear All
  • Mastering the Art Of NOT Interrupting
  • Asking for Clarification Is A Great Form Of Listening
  • Engaging In Conversation At Just the Right Time
  • Strong Listening Creates Strong Reactions From You
  • Honing Your Sense of Timing and Judgment to Make You a Great Listener
  • Using The Magic of Pen and Paper Tools To Your Advantage
  • Summarizing the Conversation Is Great for You and Your Colleague
  • The One-Page Email Memo Summary Aces the Listening Skills Test - Every Time!
  • Your New Reputation As a Great Listener!


Eliminate Verbal Tics, Uh, Um, Er, Ya Know

  • Master the Quickest, Easiest Way to Eliminate Verbal Tics
  • Now You Know Where the Tics Come From
  • You Are Not Alone
  • Hit the Pin, Not the Sand Trap
  • Don't Let the Ding A Ling Get You
  • Appear More Confident By Using Smaller Words
  • You Will Avoid the Data Dump Blues
  • Never Worry About Remembering Again
  • The Number 1 Tip for Eliminating Nerves
  • A Focus Group To Make You Better
  • You Deserve a Personal Coach
  • Full Disclosure I am Not a Speech Therapist
  • Eliminating the Source of Your Speaking Discomfort Once and For All
  • Conclusion You Can Now Speak Without Verbal Tics and Fillers


Conclusion - You Are Ready for Any Job Interview

  • There Is Still A Chance for You To Ask Any Questions
  • This Is How You Upgrade This Course
  • Here Is How You Can Get your Certificate of Completion for this Course
  • You Are Ready for Any and Every Interview. Congratulations!


More advanced tips to help you with remote job interviews

  • Quick Win! Here is How to Look Your Best in Front of a Video Camera
  • Setting the meeting objective -- a critical factor to success
  • Coronavirus Update and Impact on Video Conferencing
  • Learn How Video Conference Meetings Are the Same & Different From Other Meetings
  • Online Video Conferencing Is Just One More Simple Tool for Communicating
  • You Must Learn How Your Platform Works BEFORE The Conference Starts
  • Learning the Different Platforms
  • How To Start A Zoom Meeting
  • How To JOIN A Meeting on ZOOM
  • How To Schedule A Zoom Meeting
  • How To Share Your Screen In Zoom
  • How To Use The Additional Features in Zoom
  • How To Set Up A Virtual Background In Zoom
  • The Favorite Thing I Like About Zoom
  • How To START UP Web Ex
  • How To Start or Join A Meeting On Web Ex
  • How To Connect To A Web Ex Enabled Device
  • How To Configure Settings And Preferences In Web Ex
  • Start A New CONVERSATION In Skype
  • How To Start A New CHAT In Skype
  • How To Use The Chat FUNCTIONS In Skype
  • How To Make International, Mobile and Landline Calls and Buy Skype Credits
  • How To Use The Meet Now Function of Skype
  • Where To Configure Your Settings In Skype
  • Do NOT Hide Behind Slides - Show Your Face on the Video Meeting Never Be Nervous Again on Camera
  • Follow These Tips To Look Your Very Best on Camera for Your Next Meeting
  • This Is Why You Should NOT Use Teleprompters or Read Scripts
  • This Is What You Should Wear for a Video Conference
  • Create the best lighting and angle for your video presence
  • The Biggest Distraction Can Be...
  • Solutions for Your Backdrop
  • What Is the Best Video Camera to Use for Online Meetings?
  • Microphones to the Rescue
  • Speakers, Headphones, Earpieces and More
  • Use the Best Possible Internet Connection Possible
  • Don't Talk about the Technology, Just Use the Technology
  • Fundamentals of Effective Online Presentations
  • Tips for Using Visuals In Online Meetings
  • What If I am Not Hosting the Online Meeting But Might Have to Speak?
  • What Should My last Minute Checklist Include?
  • How Long Should a Video Meeting Last?
  • How do I Fix Problems with My Voice on a Video Conference?
  • Should You Memorize Your Online Presentation? -What If You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice?
  • How Do You Reduce Background Noise?
  • What Else Can I do to Reduce Distractions During a Video Conference Meeting?
  • This Is What You Must Do If You Really Want to Pass With Flying Colors
  • One last Chance to Get Your Questions and Suggestions Responded To
  • Here Is How You Can Get your Certificate of Completion for this Course
  • Congrats! You Are Now Prepared to Communicate Effectively in Online Meetings

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I'm learning a lot from this course! it is a perfect match!

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