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Children with Anxiety: How to Help Them Thrive

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Children with Anxiety: How to Help Them Thrive

What you'll learn


Know how anxiety shows up for kids


Understand common mistakes parents make


Master effective strategy for kids to manage anxiety


Develop perspective to help kids live with anxiety and thrive


The modern environment with its hustle mindset, instant gratification demands, online and real-life relationships, and growing global awareness and concern is anxiety-inducing for adults and children. Anxiety is a natural biological reaction every single human experiences, no matter their age and at every age.

Through working with hundreds of children, I know firsthand that anxiety shows up in children differently and for different reasons than how it might show up for adults. You have most certainly personally experienced anxiety.
You’ve noticed your nervousness before a job interview, that’s anxiety.
You’ve noticed your body shaking with excitement standing in line for the new Apple iPhone hoping there is enough for you to get one, that’s anxiety.
You’ve turned the lights off in your house and noticed an unfamiliar noise or shadow and felt frightened for a moment, that’s anxiety.

Anxiety during typical life experiences is normal and biologically appropriate. However, anxiety can switch to overdrive and produce greater and more intense anxiety than normal or biological. Why does anxiety switch to overdrive? There could be any number of reasons WHY, genetics, trauma, modeling, experiences, etc; that’s another course for another time.

In the course, I’ll cover what we can do to help our children thrive with anxiety. Whether they have a typical amount of anxiety, or they have anxiety on overdrive. No matter the intensity, anxiety is a state of being, and we can help our kids thrive with anxiety in a healthy and helpful way.

Anxiety must be acknowledged and lived with; it would be unwise to ignore anxiety or waste time trying to rid yourself of anxiety.
Anxiety comes in different forms and intensities. Anxiety can be conscious or unconscious. Our goal in this course will be to identify one's own individual anxiety, make it conscious, and learn to thrive WITH anxiety.
I’ll be sharing different case studies in the course, covering the details of how to identify anxiety, helping the child become more self-awar, also become more aware parents.

Course structure


Share stories about anxiety

To define it and explain how anxiety can work positively for people through the right framework.


Discuss the different ways anxiety shows up

Anxiety can show up mentally, physically, and emotionally. What are they really like?


Common mistakes parents make that increase anxiety

Knowing what not to do is just as important.


5 step process to shift perspective and control your anxiety

Free your child from obsessive anxiety by controlling it.


How to view anxiety as a function that can work WITH you

Sometimes, it might not feel like anxiety is on your side, but there are ways to work with it!


Practice Practice Practice

Leaving this part of the syllabus open, what else would you like to learn on this topic. Let me know by commenting and I'll do my best to incorporate them into the course. Thanks



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About Jax Anderson


Jax consults with parents/adults who are raising or working with teens. Her goal is to inspire a happier, healthier, open, and communicative relationship between parents/adults and teens. Jax teaches parents how to prepare their teens for their launch into adulthood with healthy well-adjusted life skills necessary to manifest continued growth and success.

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Children with Anxiety: How to Help Them Thrive

by Jax Anderson

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