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Parent Anxiety: How Not to Pass It Onto Your Children

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Parent Anxiety: How Not to Pass It Onto Your Children

What you'll learn


Identify and define anxiety within yourself.


Instant interventions to control your anxiety.


Teach your kids about anxiety and useful ways for them to control their anxiety.


Learn how to avoid creating more anxiety for yourself and your kids.


Learn how to keep your anxiety to yourself and not pass it on to your kids.


Are you parenting with too much anxiety? It's normal for parents to have anxiety, raising a human is scary and super challenging!

As parents we have to learn to keep our own anxiety to ourselves, or we will pass on our anxiety to our children who will internalize that energy and eventually be faced with a similar amount of anxiety to overcome.

As parents, we have a duty to interrupt the generational cycle of ritually passing on intense amounts of unnecessary anxiety to our children as we were adorned by our loving parents with their anxiety. Therefore, repeating the cycle and cursing our children with anxiety that doesn't belong to them. It mostly belongs to our ancestors!

Anxiety is a natural, biological, physiological response all humans posess.  For some, anxiety is higher and more intense. This can be attributed to experience with trauma, a genetic chemical imbalance, a medical condition, etc.

In this course, you will learn an effective and unique way of navigating anxiety. I will teach you how to listen to your anxiety and work WITH it. By working with anxiety, one reduces the anxiety they are experiencing. 

By the completion of this course, you will:

  • have a solid understanding of anxiety,
  • how anxiety affects you,
  • how not to parent with anxiety,
  • how to teach your kids to control their anxiety
  • the benefits of anxiety,
  • the biological need for anxiety,
  • how to have awareness of your anxiety,
  • identify your anxiety triggers, and
  • a practical way of controlling your anxiety before it controls you.

Course structure


Interrupting the Cycle: a parent's intention

What is the one thing parents want for their kids? We want our kids to have an easier time than we did. We want our kids to be happy, healthy and successful. We want the best for them.
It's challenging as a parent to see our kids struggle. And when we see our kids begin to struggle in ways we struggled it often becomes painful to watch. Therefore, we step in and do our best to make sure our kid doesn't continue to experience what we experienced. However, stepping in and taking over, is often the opposite of how parents can show support.


Anxiety 101: a natural state of being that feels unnatural

Anxiety. The utter mention of the word anxiety can be enough to make one immediately anxious and on alert.
We are going to talk about anxiety and it's role in our human experience. Anxiety is a state of being, not an emotion. In fact, emotions can cause or be caused by a state of anxiety.
One can be anxious and excited, anxious and sad, anxious and fearful, anxious and giddy, etc, etc.
In order to teach you how to control your anxiety, I have to teach you about anxiety. The stuff you don't learn when you're in a midst of a panic attack or anxiety loop that gives you the case of the 'what if's'.


Story Time: how I came to be friends with my anxiety

Share my story of finally 'giving in' to my anxiety, turning and facing it for the first time and really getting a look at it. What happened? What emotions was I feeling? I was exhausted, hopeless and feeling quite helpless. If this thing was going to be the end of me, I was going to make it look me in my eyes. As soon as I looked, it's intimidating monster persona immediately vanished. And what I saw and felt was a vulnerable, scared child.
My fear and anger instantly changed to compassion and acceptance.
That's when I realized my anxiety wasn't trying to control me, or end me...it was trying to talk to me, help me, heal me.


My New Friend: what do they look like?

Pull it out and draw it.


Review and discuss case studies for a deeper understanding of anxiety

Learn how we can unintentionally pass it on to our kids and what to do to ensure we don’t pass it on.

From lesson 4 onwards, detailed lessons will be developed based on learner feedback, but here are what we'd look to cover broadly:

Learn to understand what is within your control to change for your kid’s benefit. Improve your relationship with your kids. Raise resilient, happier, confident, more self aware and capable kids. Create the healthiest and most helpful environment for your kid’s development. Learn the difference between parental support and protection. How to develop tolerance for your kid’s distress. Find joy in being a parent.



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About Jax Anderson


Jax consults with parents/adults who are raising or working with teens. Her goal is to inspire a happier, healthier, open, and communicative relationship between parents/adults and teens. Jax teaches parents how to prepare their teens for their launch into adulthood with healthy well-adjusted life skills necessary to manifest continued growth and success.

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Parent Anxiety: How Not to Pass It Onto Your Children

by Jax Anderson

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