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The Art of Running: From First Steps to Marathon Mastery

by Evan Wood


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The Art of Running: From First Steps to Marathon Mastery

by Evan Wood

What you'll learn


How to find joy in the sport, hobby and lifestyle of running.


Many, many different types of workouts, from everyday "Easy Runs" to fun, high intensity speed workouts.


How to begin your running journey safely and with confidence regardless of your athletic background, age, shape or weight.


Fundamental knowledge about proper footwear, running form, nutrition, stretching, etc. as well as easy to understand in-depth knowledge about aerobic fitness, lactic acid, heart rate zones, etc.


How to train safely and effectively for various distances, up to a full 26.2-mile Marathon.


How to achieve personal best times and continue to improve long after you've completed the course!


Every day, millions of people around the globe take part in the ritual of lacing up, putting one foot in front of the other, and going for a run. To the casual observer, this worldwide phenomenon may seem nonsensical–why would so many people willingly do something so monotonous, aimless, and physically exhausting? Yet, if you ask a million runners why they run, not only will you hear a million different compelling answers… you may feel inspired to try it yourself!

The truth is that the “sport” of running has evolved into a lifestyle, accessible and rewarding to all levels of athletic experience (including none). The traditional runner’s journey toward olympic greatness is now just one of a myriad of paths, competitive and non-competitive, each as legitimate and fulfilling as the other. Mass participation races and virtual challenges have redefined what it means to “win”, no matter how fast or what order you finish. And running clubs and online communities have become an empowering resource, allowing runners to share their experiences, motivations, struggles, and triumphs with others who can relate and root for each other regardless of their national, socioeconomic, political or religious differences. If any of that sounds good to you, I encourage you to give it a try.

This audio course is about the art of running. Just like runners, artists come in many different forms, are guided by their inspiration, and are all capable of making profound artwork, regardless of the medium they choose. Throughout the course, we’ll explore how to find YOUR spark of inspiration, equip you with a knowledge of fundamental skills in order to train safely and effectively, and prepare you for long term running success–whether it is filled with finish lines, medals, or personal goals.

Course structure


The Art of Running: Course Introduction

It has been said that every run is a work of art, and like any great work of art, the beauty and meaning of running is truly in the eye of the beholder. In this introductory episode, I share why I believe running has become so much greater than a sport, and how it can be accessible to all kinds of people regardless of their athletic background or abilities.


First Steps: The Courage to Start

Although the benefits of running and the thrills of racing are easy to understand, finding the motivation and overcoming self-doubt in order to begin your running journey can often be the most difficult step. This episode is all about shattering the myth of the "good" runner, finding our spark of inspiration and gaining the courage to believe in ourselves.


Easy Runs: The Foundation of Every Runner's Training

It may seem like the ultimate oxymoron, but professional and recreational runners alike spend most of their time training at an "easy" conversational pace. This episode explains why that is and how easy effort running is beneficial to us, no matter how fast or fit we may be.


Run/Walk Intervals: A Run is a Run is a Run

Many people who wish to enjoy running may not be able to run continuously for miles on end - and that's perfectly okay! Using run/walk intervals is more than just a legitimate style of training, it's an optimal approach for many runners. This episode explains how they too can enjoy the same benefits of running as anyone else.


Warmups and Cooldowns: The Workout Sandwich

Perhaps the most neglected part of the average runner's routine, warmups and cooldowns not only prime us for peak performance and safety while exercising, they also double up as necessary and beneficial forms of physical therapy and strength training. This interactive episode will walk you through a warmup and cooldown that's quick and easy to implement in your routine!


Footwear Guide Part I: Running Shoe Anatomy, Categories of Shoes

As long as you've got a good pair of shoes, you've got all you need to train, compete, and enjoy nearly everything running has to offer. However, finding the right pair of shoes for you and YOUR needs can often be a tricky, confusing, and even intimidating process. This episode will give you all of the knowledge you need to feel confident when it's time to select your shoes.


Footwear Guide Part II: Shopping for Running Shoes

Now that we know all about different types of running shoes, it's time to take what we've learned and simulate a trip to the running store! We'll talk about the process of trying them on and making sure you've got the right fit, how to determine which shoes are the best for your needs, and how to take care of your shoes once they're all yours.


Running Form: Hitting Your Stride

Whether you’re a brand new runner who’s just embarking on the beginning of your running journey, or you’re an experienced runner who’s always curious to learn more, you may have wondered at one point or another, am I actually doing it right? In this episode, we’ll cover all the basics of good running form from head to toe so you can run as safely, efficiently, and joyfully as possible.


Nutrition for Runners: The Meal Deal

A runner’s body is often compared to a car: we cover a lot of mileage, we’ve got plenty of safety features (even though we may break down once in a while), but perhaps most importantly, we need fuel. This episode is all about the roles that different nutrients play, how we can use nutrition to our advantage before, during and after our runs, and some important rules for the road when it comes to dieting as endurance athletes.


Summer, Winter, Darkness, Rain: Embracing the Suck

Even if we become masters of our craft, there will come a time when mother nature has other plans. This episode is all about being prepared, staying safe, and learning to “embrace the suck” whether you’re faced with sub-freezing temps, sweltering hot days, dark skies or raining cats and dogs.


Running Biology 101: Why Our Bodies are Awesome

Shoes may be the best piece of gear money can buy, but there's no better piece of running equipment than the human body itself! Through this episode, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for your body and gain a better understanding of why we train the way we train - you'll learn about what happens during aerobic exercise and how energy is created, basic muscular anatomy and the various roles of different muscles during our stride, and the differences between our three muscle fiber types.


Training Plans & Routines Part I: Putting the Pieces Together

Training plans are a lot like coloring books: there's a million different ways we can fill in the picture, but we want to do our best to stay within the lines. Additionally, a good training plan isn't just about working hard, it's also about avoiding the terrible too's (too much, too fast, too often, too little recovery). This episode introduces the basic ingredients of a consistent, well-balanced routine so that you can train safely as you become more comfortable with running and wish to run more often.


Training Plans & Routines Part II: Progressive Overload, Periodization

Now that we have a basic knowledge of what goes into a well-balanced routine, it's time to take things to the next level and learn how to craft a full-fledged training plan filled with speed workouts, Long Runs and more! This episode dives into how progression is safely implemented in training plans, and culminates in an in-depth explanation of periodized training, the best way to achieve a peak performance on race day.


Zones of Effort: Training with Purpose

It's time to turn up the heat and talk about speed workouts! But before we do that, we're going to review the different "zones of effort", distinct training zones that offer us distinct physiological benefits. We'll break them down by pace, heart rate, and intensity, and we'll also discuss the various benefits and speed workouts we can use to target each zone. Training with intention is the key to a successful plan!


Fartlek Runs: Playing with Speed

What the heck is a Fartlek?! Is it a verb, a noun, some kind of dirty joke? In this lesson, we learn everything there is to know about Fartleks, one of the most fun and beginner-friendly forms of speedwork for runners. The Swedish word for "speed play", Fartleks are a perfect introduction to fast running without the pressure, stress and structure that are often found in more traditional interval workouts.


Tempo Runs: Pushing the Threshold

In this jam-packed lesson, we'll discuss my all-time favorite running workout, the Tempo Run. We'll learn about lactic acid (what it really is and does), three different kinds of Tempo Runs with modifiers for beginners and veteran runners, and why lactate threshold training is the key to getting faster.


Hill Training: What Goes Up...

When it comes to running, you don't need a fear of heights to be afraid of hills. Have no fear! In this lesson, we'll learn how to conquer them with good technique, how we can use hill workouts to make us stronger, and of course, what goes up must come down... we'll also learn how to safely and effortlessly run downhill.


VO2Max Intervals: The Fast and the Furious

Remember that old cliche, "no pain, no gain"? In this lesson, we'll learn about one of the fastest, toughest and most exhilarating forms of speedwork, VO2Max Intervals. Not only do they help us become more comfortable being uncomfortable, but they also vastly increase our ability to take in and utilize more oxygen, making us highly efficient running machines.


Strides and "Sprintervals": Quick and Quicker (but painless!)

As we continue to expand our repertoire, we add two more tricks up our sleeve: Strides and what I call "Sprintervals", both of which involve reaching near-maximal speeds, but in very short, fun bursts that are less about reaching fatigue and more about practicing good form.


Trail Running: Off the Beaten Path

Before we set our sights on Marathon Mastery, it's time to take the scenic route and learn about something off the beaten path: trail running! We'll cover all of the basic knowledge and skills needed to feel safe giving it a try and soak up all the beauty trail running has to offer.


Marathon Training: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

It's been a long road just getting here, but it's finally time to take the plunge and set our sights on marathon mastery. In this lesson, we'll discuss why I believe the marathon is achievable for everyone, cover everything there is to know about the training, commitment and expectations involved in preparing to run your first one, and some more advanced tips for experienced marathoners who are aiming to smash their best times.


Rough Patches: The Five Stages of Grief (for Runners!)

The path of a runner is filled with peaks and valleys - not just literal uphills and downhills, but running can also be filled with occasional periods of grief, despite the great joy it can bring. Whether we're faced with an injury, hit a rough patch in our training or we miss an important goal, it can be hard to cope with questions of "what if?" and "what now?" In this episode, we break down the five stages of grief as they apply to runners and healthy coping strategies to prevent short-term grief from developing into longer-term issues.


Tapering: The Calm Before the Storm

After weeks, months and many, many miles of training, you'll eventually reach the home stretch of your training plan. However we can't just treat our race like any other workout - we want to be feeling physically fresh, mentally recharged and ready to give everything we've got! In this lesson, we'll learn exactly how we can ensure that through a proper tapering phase.


Goal Setting: Winning YOUR Race

For 99.9% of us, it's not about winning THE race. It's about winning OUR race. And with the right goals and the right attitude, you simply can't lose. In this lesson, we'll learn proper goal setting for runners, various categories of goals, and how to stay motivated and accountable while chasing routine-based goals over long periods of time. Most importantly, we'll learn how to think about goals in a healthy and empowering way.


Marathon Mastery: Racing Strategy

At long last, race day as arrived! Literally and figuratively, you've come a long way to get here. Whether you're racing a 5k or a marathon, we'll do a comprehensive overview of everything that goes into a successful race performance, from pre-race logistics to pacing strategy and fueling.


Post-Race Recovery: Sticking the Landing

Congratulations on finishing your race! Regardless of how it went, it's time to kick back and focus on recovering. Our bodies worked very hard to get us across the finish line - if we want to enjoy a long, healthy running journey for years to come, we must return the favor by showing them love and care. In this lesson, we'll discuss how to recover effectively, what to do in the days after your race, and how to get back into your running routine... so we can do it all over again!


The Journey Continues

We've finally reached the finish line! In this short conclusion, I share some final thoughts, words of inspiration, and gratitude for allowing me to be a part of your running journey - as well as your being a part of mine!

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I'm an RRCA Level II certified running coach and filmmaker who's been running for 11 years, with 10 Marathon and 23 Half Marathon finishes. I love highlighting the inspiring stories of everyday runners, helping people from all walks of life achieve their goals, and using the joy of running to bring the world closer together.


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Not at all! This course is designed for all types of runners - from absolute beginners with no prior running experience, to those who already have running experience and wish to learn more, run faster and achieve new goals.

The guiding philosophy of this course is that anyone can run, just as anyone can paint, dance, write poetry, etc. It meets the runner at their level (whatever that may be), and provides knowledge that will help them find happiness through running, whether that be through running their first 5k, achieving a competitive time goal, or simply enjoying the benefits of a new lifestyle while staying injury-free.


The Art of Running: From First Steps to Marathon Mastery

by Evan Wood

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