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Learn To Focus: Meditation & Mindfulness For ADHD

Don't "cure" your ADHD - transform it into a superpower!

by Kevin Ellerton


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Learn To Focus: Meditation & Mindfulness For ADHD

Don't "cure" your ADHD - transform it into a superpower!

by Kevin Ellerton

What you'll learn


How to meditate in five different styles, tailored for ADHD


How to control your ADHD superpower: Hyperfocus Mode


How to strengthen your brain's capacity for focus & concentration


How ADHD works in your mind, and how to use it to your advantage


ADD and ADHD can make it hard to focus & get things done. You have lots of mental energy (that's why you're so smart!) but you have a hard time directing it to one thing at a time. Many people go through their entire lives in this scatter-brained state, jumping from thing to thing, never fully concentrating on, or actually enjoying, anything. This can lead to major school & career problems (not paying attention in class, not paying attention at work, not caring about what you're working on, bouncing from job to job, career to career, etc), and problems becoming a successful adult.

For some handicaps, there is simply no cure, no way out. Thankfully, ADD/ADHD is NOT one of those handicaps. ADD & ADHD can actually be a blessing in disguise, if you learn how to channel your mental energy, to focus it, to make it like a laser. This is called hyperfocusing, and it is a superpower unique to ADD/ADHD people!

You may have noticed that while you sometimes can't focus on anything at all, sometimes you can get extremely zoned in to one thing (like these words, for example). And oftentimes (for some of us, more often than not), the thing that you're zoned into is the wrong thing. For example, my first year in college I got so sucked into social media that I barely went outside and met actual friends. Sometimes this still happens to me, if I pick up my phone right when I wake up and click on a social media notification before I start meditating for the day. Social media platforms are designed to suck you in -- that's how they make money. That's bad news for ADD / ADHD people. And there are tons of other useless, unproductive, time-wasting things that can suck in your attention, if you don't learn how to control your hyperfocus.

The good news is that you can learn how to control your hyperfocus, and use it to supercharge your life by focusing on the things you actually want to be focused on! It's not easy, but it is actually very simple. The answer can be written in just ten letters: MEDITATION.

Meditation is the single most important key to controlling your hyperfocus, focusing on what you want to focus on, and moving your attention to the things that you want it to be on. Meditation is not some woo-woo magical thing... it's literally just training your brain to focus. That's literally what meditation IS. It's a practice of bringing your mind into the present moment, and focusing it on one thing at a time. This practice strengthens the parts of your brain that are responsible for regulating your attention. Just like lifting weights builds muscles in your body, practicing meditation builds neural connections in your brain (it's a process called neuroplasticity -- look it up!). Just like your muscles get bigger from lifting weights, your brain gets bigger by practicing meditation! And just like you can focus your exercise on strengthening a particular part of your body (arms, legs, chest, etc), you can focus your meditation on strengthening a particular part of your mind (deep focus, broad focus, generating joy, love, happiness, etc).

Many of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, futurists, inventors, and celebrities are people who have learned to direct their ADHD energy and control their innate powers of hyperfocus. In this course, we will use meditation to do that, and more -- to become more focused, successful, stable, joyful, energized, and just plain happier in life!

By the end of this course, you will be experienced with five different meditation techniques, which you can practice in daily life:

  • breathwork
  • mindfulness
  • mindfulness of breathing
  • concentrating on a physical object
  • concentrating on an activity

You'll be equipped with the tools you need to become the best version of yourself, and transform your ADD/ADHD from a handicap into a superpower! The skills you'll learn in this course will be worth 1000x more than the price of the course. Not only will this course save you money on ADD/ADHD drugs like Adderall & Ritalin, and help you make tens, hundreds, or thousands of times more successful in life than you would have been without being able to control your superpowers of hyperfocus, the meditations you learn in this course will make you immeasurably happier, over the course of your lifetime. And that's kind of the point of this whole "life" thing anyway, isn't it? What's $50 in comparison to a lifetime of sustainable happiness?

Don't get distracted by any shiny things or other tabs. Click the button to sign up for this course now. This may be the single most important moment in your life. Stay focused, sign up now, and start listening right away!

Who this course is for?

  • People with ADHD who want to be able to focus and enjoy their lives without prescription drugs
  • People who are frustrated or unsatisfied with their level of focus, concentration, and success in life
  • People who have trouble with prioritization, procrastination, and productivity

Course structure


How Meditation Helps With ADHD

Intro to the course. Gives you an understanding of the benefits that you will gain from the course.



Gives you an idea of what to expect in this course.


How ADHD Works

Explains how ADHD works in your mind and gives you an idea of how to fix it.


ADHD as a Superpower

Listen to the audio lesson on how you can turn your ADHD into a superpower! Then, think about and write down your goals for the course, to give yourself the motivation to focus the whole way through.


Meditation Techniques: Breathwork

This is a crazy amazing meditation technique that will charge up your body and brain with oxygen and energy! Try it with me, as intensely as you can.

Debrief: What did you xxperience? Write down what you experienced in that meditation.


Meditation Techniques: Mindfulness (Broad Focus)

This is a beautiful meditation technique that will help you "wake up" and become aware of your experience of being alive, here and now, in this moment.

Debrief: What did you experience? Write down what you experienced during the Mindfulness Meditation. How did it differ from your experience of the Breathwork Meditation?


Meditation Techniques: Mindfulness of Breathing

This is an ancient Buddhist meditation technique -- one of the most popular meditation techniques in the world. It trains your brain to concentrate, by focusing on the breathing.

Debrief: What did you experience? Write down what you experienced in Mindfulness of Breathing, and respond to other students.


Meditation Techniques: Effort vs. Relaxation

This audio lesson gives you some tips on how to deal with the wandering mind during meditation (this is especially important when you're dealing with ADHD)!

Debrief: What did you experience? Write what you experienced.


Meditation Techniques: A Little Taste of Bliss

This audio lesson will give you an idea of what to expect as you progress on your meditation journey.


Meditation Techniques: Concentrating on a Physical Object

In this exercise, you'll be practicing a simple technique that you can bring into daily life: concentrating on the experience of a physical object.

Debrief: What did you experience? Write down what you experienced.


Applying Meditation to #adhdlife: Activating Hyperfocus Mode

In this audio lesson you'll learn how to activate your ADHD superpowers in daily life!

Debrief: What do you want to use your hyperfocus on, now? What do you want to use your hyperfocus on, now, and in the long term?


Applying Meditation to #adhdlife: Practicing Hyperfocus While Cleaning

In this audio lesson you'll practice your hyper focus powers on a super boring activity: cleaning! (side benefit: things gets clean)

Debrief: How did the cleaning exercise feel? How does it affect your mind? Clean in a focused, mindful, meditative way. Feel every movement of the body. Write down your experience of how it felt, and discuss with others.


Applying Meditation to #adhdlife: Playing With Broad vs. Narrow Focus

In this audio lesson you'll learn how to integrate meditation into your daily life.


Applying Meditation to #adhdlife: Focusing on What's Important

In this audio lesson, you'll learn some ways to focus on what's important in life, so that you can be successful in anything that you want to do.

Debrief: What are your Decade Goals? Yearly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Goals? Write down your goals.


Applying Meditation to #adhdlife: Building Your Practice

Conclusion: bringing it all home.

Debrief: How do you plan to continue your practice? Write how you plan to continue your practice.

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About Kevin Ellerton


Hi, I'm Kevin! When I was in college, I was anxious and depressed. I was smoking a lot of weed, addicted to video games, taking a lot of psychedelics, waking up around 2pm every day. I was going out of my mind. Thankfully, a friend introduced me to meditation, and it gave me my life back.

Since then, I've traveled the world, lived in ashrams & monasteries from India to California to Thailand and Indonesia, built several successful companies from the ground up, made (and lost!) millions of dollars, started meditation programs in universities and hospitals, written & published meditation books, created Meditation Magazine, married an amazing woman, and just generally become happier than I've ever been in my life. Of all my projects, I am proudest of Meditation Magazine, which is currently on shelves in thousands of stores in 20+ countries around the world, including Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, and many more.

I meditate every day, and life keeps getting better and better, every year more beautiful than the last. The meditative happiness goes far deeper than the external accomplishments; even when I had nothing in life aside from meditation, I was chillin. Even when I'm sad or stressed or struggling, I'm still zen.

I believe that the best thing I can do in life is to help bring meditation to the masses. Aside from helping each individual find happiness inside of his/herself, it makes our society, our civilization, and our world into a better place for us all.

I hope you enjoy my courses. Peace & Love. Namaste.


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Learn To Focus: Meditation & Mindfulness For ADHD

by Kevin Ellerton

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