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Cavitation, Faradic, and Radio Frequency Slimming Treatments

Non-Surgical Recontouring

by Dr. Nicholas James Gill Pearce

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Cavitation, Faradic, and Radio Frequency Slimming Treatments

Non-Surgical Recontouring

by Dr. Nicholas James Gill Pearce

What you'll learn


Professional studies e.g. consultation, health and safety, hygiene, law, consent, and documentation


Diet assessment


Integrated clinical nutrition for weight management. Ketogenic diets and fasting to enhance slimming treatment results.


General health assessment e.g. BMI, fitness testing, muscle strength, Fat%, glucose and ketones, pulse, blood pressure, and SPO2.


Motivation of client. Understanding and managing the psychophysiological effects of diet.


Cavitation science, contra-indications, treatment routine, and aftercare.


Faradic science, contra-indications, treatment and aftercare.


Radio frequency science, contra-indications, treatment routine and aftercare.


Integration of slimming treatments and diet for optimal non-surgical body recontouring effects.


Importance of hydration and electrolyte balance.


This course pulls from a whole range of applied sciences and integrates them with professional studies, health, beauty, customer care, clinical nutrition, hydration, and exercise etc. By the time the student has completed this course, they will possess the academic and understanding to be able to integrate and apply everything learned and be able to practice safely and effectively in these areas: applying cavitation for fat lipolysis, faradic muscle toning, and radiofrequency skin tightening.

Ultimately being able to offer your clients real results without the cost or risk involved in cosmetic surgery. It will also make you more financially secure as your successful client base develops and grows, you'll soon be rushed off your feet.

This course lays the foundations for undertaking further advanced courses in Cavitation (Fat Lipolysis), Faradic (Muscle Toning), RF & Vacuum (Skin Tightening and Lymphatic Drainage). These advanced courses are currently in development and will be released as they become available.

  • Lecture 1 - The consultation process from start to finish includes health, safety, hygiene, law, consent, documentation, contra-indications, contra-actions, and aftercare.
  • Lecture 2 - Professional studies including the consultation process, documentation, contra-indications, aftercare, consent, health, safety, hygiene etc.
  • Lectures 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 - Discuss the importance of general health assessment, applied physiology, and how to undertake clinical examination, interpret the results and apply them to enhance the effects of slimming treatments. Also for baselines, ongoing monitoring, and for motivational purposes.
  • Lecture 9 - Cavitation science. ( Fat Lipolysis )
  • Lecture 10 - Cavitation clinical application (Practical).
  • Lecture 11 - Faradic science. (Muscle Toning and Lymph Drainage )
  • Lecture 12 - Faradic clinical application (Practical).
  • Lecture 13 - Radiofrequency (RF) science. ( Skin Tightening )
  • Lecture 14 - Radiofrequency (RF) Practical.
  • Lecture 15 - The importance of hydration and electrolyte balance in health and weight loss.
  • Lecture 16. Psychophysiological effects of foods. Food addictions and food intolerances.
  • Lecture 17 - Health importance of exercise. and reducing chronic health conditions.

After completing this course you will have the required underpinning knowledge and understanding to be a safe and competent practitioner who applies slimming treatments integrating them with health assessments, clinical nutrition for weight loss and management, whilst managing the mindsets and food addictions related to weight management and weight loss for health and beauty.

Course structure


Introduction & Overview to the Course Syllabus

After listening to the audio lesson, head over to the Resources section and download the forms & check lists needed for the course.


Lecture 2 - Professional Studies

In this lecture, we discuss essential professional topics such as how to conduct a consultation and why. Health, safety, hygiene, and infection control measures. Law. Consent. Documentation etc.


Lecture 3 - Introduction to General Health Assessments

In this lecture, we discuss why undertaking a general health assessment is an important part of the consultation process e.g. for baseline, monitoring of progress, and client motivation, etc. How to interpret results and where to refer for help should the need arise.


Lecture 4 - General Health Assessment - PART 1

In this lecture, we will discuss the height-weight ratio known as body mass index (BMI). Its limitations, how to calculate it and use it for clients.


Lecture 5 - General Health Assessment - PART 2

In this lecture, we discuss pulse, blood pressure, and SPO2 (blood oxygenation). It's basic physiology, how to perform physiological measurements, interpret the results and use them for baseline, monitoring, to assess cardiovascular health, and motivate your client.


Lecture 6 - General Health Assessment - PART 3

In this lecture, we discuss fitness testing, strength, and body fat calculation. How to perform these important physiological measurements, interpret and use as a baseline, monitor and motivate your client along with all other measurements taken.


Lecture 7 - General Health Assessment - PART 4

In this lecture, we will discuss the importance of diet assessment, and how to perform it, and apply the findings to help your clients with enhanced results for non-surgical body re-contouring treatments, weight management, and loss in general.


Lecture 8 - General Health Assessment - PART 5

In this lecture, we will discuss the physiology of Blood Glucose and Ketone Measurements. How to apply these tests to monitor and predict the effects of fat lipolysis, weight management, loss, and results from the non-surgical body re-contouring treatments. It will also provide valuable information on your client's current risks of metabolic syndrome and other related chronic diseases, and motivate them to continue to a new healthier, and happier lifestyle.


Lecture 9 - Cavitation Science & Clinical Application

In this lecture, we discuss the basic science behind cavitation and how it is used in lipolysis (Dissolving body fat). We go through a full checklist from preparing yourself and the treatment room, to consultation, contra-indications, and how to apply settings on a machine.

In the Resources section, watch a demonstration of how to undertake the treatment using a cavitation machine.


Lecture 10 - Faradic Scinece & Clinical Application

In this lecture, we discuss the basic science behind faradic and how it is used to help tone muscle and speed up the expulsion of fats that have been dissolved from cavitation and removed via the lymphatic system. We go through a full checklist from preparing yourself and the treatment room to consultation, contra-indications, pad placement over origin and insertion of muscle groups, and how to undertake a treatment safely.

In the Resources section, watch a demonstration of the full procedure in undertaking faradic treatment for muscle toning safely.


Lecture 11 - Radio Frequency (RF) Science & Clinical Application

In this lecture, we discuss the science behind Radiofrequency (RF) treatments and how they can be used for skin tightening in conjunction with other services such as diet revision and clinical nutrition to enhance the effects of autophagy to reduce stretch marks from weight loss, etc. We cover consultation, setup, contra-indications, and a full checklist.

In the Resources section, watch a video that demonstrates how to competently complete an RF body treatment and integrate it with other non-surgical body treatments for enhanced effects.


Lecture 12 - Hydration & Electrolyte Balance

In this lecture, we discuss the importance of hydration and electrolyte balance in weight management, loss, and whilst undertaking slimming treatments. How to maintain optimal hydration to prevent unwanted symptoms like headaches due to the natural expulsion of water and electrolytes that is a natural process that your body goes thru when eliminating broken down fats, and so forth.


Lecture 13 - Psychophysiological Effects of Food, Addictions, and Intolerances

In this lecture, we discuss the psychophysiological effects of foods. How carbs spike insulin levels which encourage overeating. How to manage psychophysiological addictions to these foods, and motivate your client. We also look at some unwanted side effects that certain food groups can cause in humans and encourage weight gain due to inflammation along with food intolerances, tests, and how to do them. This is a basic clinical nutrition lecture that will help you pull all parts of everything you have previously learned together to help your clients get and maintain results.


Lesson 14 - Psychophysiological Effects of Exercise

In this lecture, we reinforce the main reasons exercise is so important for overall health (Mind, Body, and Spirit). And discusses the simple 3 x 3 minute exercise you can teach your client to do 3 times a week which take them no longer than 10 minutes or 30 minutes a week in total and give them the exact same effects as attending hours of other exercise classes and gym etc a week.

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Cavitation, Faradic, and Radio Frequency Slimming Treatments

by Dr. Nicholas James Gill Pearce

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