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Forgiveness is Freedom – Let Go and Feel Amazing!

Gain the Peace & Serenity You Deserve!

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Forgiveness is Freedom – Let Go and Feel Amazing!

Gain the Peace & Serenity You Deserve!

What you'll learn


Discover the dangers of refusing to forgive


Learn how to overcome those things which are holding you back


Discover the many ways forgiving can benefit you


Learn about the “Laws Of Forgiveness”


Discover how to “Forgive but not Forget”


Find out what is holding you back from forgiving


Learn the hidden secrets of how to Forgive others


Enjoy the MANY Benefits of forgiveness….and this is just a TINY part of the training- there is SO much more!!!


In this online “Forgiveness Is Freedom” training course, you will learn how to let go of old pain and live the life you deserve. Life is meant to be lived, not suffered. Most people know very little about how to forgive and much of what they do know, is wrong.

The first part of this course lays down the foundational concepts and strategies that will lead you to freedom. The second half of the course lays down specific tools, strategies and techniques for how to let go and practice forgiveness in your life. People are never taught the tools of forgiveness.Inside this training we resolve that error. You will be taught a wide variety of practical strategies and philosophies that will lead you away from pain and towards serenity. You will also learn how to overcome those things which are holding you back.

If you need help forgiving, this is the ideal course for you. This course is for anyone wanting to let go of old hurt and old pain. If you are ready to know a new freedom, this course is the perfect choice for you.

If you want to feel better, but don’t have the tools, this course was designed for you.

Start the course today, feel better tomorrow!

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Course structure


Introduction & First Concepts


Benefits & Dangers: Forgiving Others


Benefits & Dangers: How Forgiveness Can Benefit You


Benefits & Dangers: Dangers of Refusing to Forgive


The Ways To Forgiveness: Forgive Not Forget


The Ways To Forgiveness: Ways to Absolute Forgiveness


The Ways To Forgiveness: The Laws of Forgiveness


The Ways To Forgiveness: The Bigger Picture


The Ways To Forgiveness: What Holds You Back From Forgiving


Final Thoughts & Ideas

What people say

Danielle Subanny

I am absolutely loving this course! It is a great a match for me as I am always ...

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Chris Gehring, CEO

Prof. Paul never disappoints! I own all of his courses & this one is amazing too...

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About Paul Cline


My students affectionately call me "Prof. Paul". I am a serial entrepreneur and business, psychology & health/fitness expert. CEO at Advanced Ideas, Inc. An award-winning university professor, therapist, corporate trainer, professional speaker, and internet marketing expert. I have 4 advanced degrees, extensive experience in the fields of business, psychology & health/fitness, and a wealth of information to share!

Interested in the course?

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Forgiveness is Freedom – Let Go and Feel Amazing!

by Paul Cline

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