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Vocal Blast: Unleash your Voice in 3 weeks!

by Rebecca Vocal Athlete

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Vocal Blast: Unleash your Voice in 3 weeks!

by Rebecca Vocal Athlete

What you'll learn


Develop & maintain a strong mindset


Boost your confidence


Create a life-changing ritual and start making every day count


Learn to breathe effectively to amplify your voice


Develop better posture and open up your chest


Understand how to achieve powerful resonance


Discover how to increase your range


Understand how to achieve strong Head & Chest voice


Learn to hit pitch perfect notes every time


Do you love to sing but haven’t a clue where to begin? Starting your journey into the world of singing can be daunting, but we’re here to help you fine-tune your most important instrument - your voice. This is an incredibly special journey and it feels good to know you’re not alone when you have so much to learn.

This course is designed to help singers achieve their goals with a range of simple exercises and tools, tips and hints, with direct access to an experienced vocal coach, Rebecca Vocal Athlete. Set yourself up for success with life-changing rituals that will make every day count! In each lesson, or vocal blast as we like to call it, we’ll cover three key areas to make your singing dreams attainable: the voice, the mind, and the body. Mastering these three fundamental elements can help you go a long way.

We’ll also focus on unlocking your mindset - most people never reach their goals because they’re weighed down by doubts and fears. In this course, we’ll teach you how to avoid these mental traps to achieve your dreams. You are your instrument, we’re here to help you avoid strain and energise your body for pitch-perfect results.

Course structure


Keeping a strong mindset know that you can do this

In this primer, we'll go over my personal voice transformation journey. And yes, it was a journey! We'll discuss the psychology behind how you perceive your voice and why your voice is something very personal. This journey is one that will not only improve your singing, but also help you understand the underlying beauty of how it helps you feel good!


Setting you up for success

We'll cover the importance of daily practice. What's the daily ritual I go through and recommend? You'll understand the importance of daily exercises and finding a secure place to execute them.


The Body

We go over forming better health habits, and how you can do this. We'll cover the importance of hydration and sleep, and how it plays into improving your vocals.


What it takes to perform like a nightingale?

Good signing all starts with great posture & breathing. In this episode, we'll go over posture techniques like the Alexander Technique, which centers on awareness and active rest. We'll also cover basic breathing techniques to help you improve your vocals.


How to breathe effectively

In this episode, we'll discuss resonance. Resonance is the intensity or quality of the tone you hear when you sing.



In this episode, we'll discuss resonance. Resonance is the intensity or quality of the tone you hear when you sing.



In this episode, we'll cover the 5 principle vowels AH, EH, EE, OH OO.


How to achieve a strong Mixed voice (Head voice & Chest voice)

Head Voice? Chest Voice? or Both?


How to Increase Range

We'll go over practices and exercises that will help you increase your vocal range. Get your water bottles ready, because we're going to work!



We'll cover singing dynamics. We'll practice controlling vocal volume, impact and effect, as well as phrasing, pronunciation, silences and rests.



Consonants want to be heard too!


Diction & Articulation

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers! We'll discuss improving diction and articulation when singing. Be ready for some tongue twisters!


Warm Down



“Singing with emotions is like therapy for me.” People can hear emotion. We'll go over how to project emotion when you sing and perform.


Speaking vs. Singing

Did you know? The same techniques for singing better are applied to speaking. We'll go over how.


How to embark on your independent journey ahead (with confidence)

Before you go! Here are a few important lessons that you must keep in mind.


A Reminder

This course was designed to turn complex singing technique into simple exercises and insights that will help you to succeed as a singer. You've learnt the steps to master your high notes, singing with ease, confidence and power. Now here are a few things to remember.

What people say

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Rebecca is a consummate professional with such a knowledge of all things vocal. ...

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Amber Peck

You are so wise, I do struggle with opening my mouth more when I'm singing. I'm ...

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RebeccaVA once again giving great advice in an easygoing, down to earth way. Pro...

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Juliana C

Thank you soooooo much you don’t know how much this helped! I really needed this...

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Ask questions & record your reflections


Get support from a small group of like-minded learners

About Rebecca Vocal Athlete


Rebecca has more than 20 years' experience within the music industry. She has on-going professional training in reputable vocal techniques, methodologies, vocal anatomy & physiology and voice research. She teaches many different styles because she understands everyone is different and has different styles and needs. She has also trained in several voice and bodywork traditions (and still continues to research and study), including SLS aka Speech like Singing method, Estill method, Bel Canto method, Alexander technique, and Yoga! Best of all, Rebecca is a singer and songwriter herself! If you want to learn to sing, you NEED a teacher who can sing too!

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Enrollment for this course is


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Frequently asked questions

Episodes for this course are daily- with the exception of weekends, as soon as the cohort begins.

This course will be offered in a cohort-based process, with episodes being released in a cadence. However, released episodes are not only available in certain broadcast times. Once you’ve purchased the course, you will have access to all the released episodes once they have gone live. So you may still re-listen to them as much as you'd like until the course period ends.

The reason this entire course is time-bound is to ensure a hands-on, feedback-based learning. This makes sure that you and your peers in the cohort are on the same wave length, and provides a sense of urgency that leads to more accountability. As there is not only an exchange of knowledge between the instructor and yourself, but also between you and other learners. By learning alongside your peers in the cohort, you are able to enhance your learning experience and sense of community as you go through the course together. This group of people sharing the experience challenges you, motivates you, and leads to an overall emphasis on discussion and collaboration.


Vocal Blast: Unleash your Voice in 3 weeks!

by Rebecca Vocal Athlete

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