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Dissipating the Images and Emotions of Trauma

by Stephen King


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Dissipating the Images and Emotions of Trauma

by Stephen King

What you'll learn


How to safely process the imagery and emotions that are attached to trauma in a simple seven-step sequence.


This course is designed for those who work with trauma/shock survivors or those who are trauma/shock victims themselves and who have not yet found a way to collapse and clear any images/memories and resultant fears, anxieties, depression or addictions as a result of ongoing emotional and physical disturbances. This is about helping others or oneself in FINDING FREEDOM from addictions, obsessions, compulsions, fears, phobias, anxieties and trauma. It is an easy guide to understanding the nature of PTSD and potentially quick and simple solutions to releasing the impacts of same. Discover the means by which an understanding of the origins, impact and nature of shock and trauma in people’s lives can be dissipated, cleaned and cleared at a pace and in a manner that is safe and healthy for the sufferer.

Course structure


# 2 Safety

We'll look at the need for safety prior to beginning the sequence for trauma healing.


# 3 What is Healing?

You will understand what, in the field of trauma work, constitutes healing


# 4 Energy Packets

You will learn just what is meant by this term and how trauma is held in this form.


# 5 Template Trauma List

This can be used to honor what a trauma-impacted person has gone through, as well as to establish the chronological order of cleaning and clearing the scenes and emotions attached to them.


# 6 Shock & Trauma

This will provide an understanding of the difference between shock and trauma.


# 7 Surviving vs. Thriving

You will understand the major difference in terms of the pre and post states of trauma healing and the link to the 'palace of possibilities'.


# 8 The Importance of Water

It is helpful to understand the impact of being hydrated when doing trauma process work.


# 9 Neurological Disorganization & Correction

You will learn how to recognize when you or a client is in a state of 'reversal' and how that can be corrected.


# 10 Inner Dialogue

Find out how and when to use this for grounding or anchoring someone prior to the process work.


# 11 Template Memories

This will provide an understanding of how certain 'template images' can override the more pleasant memories we may carry and continue to trigger negative or self-destructive reactions.


# 12 The Pose and Three-Spot Tapping

This will provide the simplest means by which some traumatic scenes can be dissipated.


# 13 Inner Child/Adult Reclamation Part 1

This will provide the detail and structure of reclaiming those 'parts' of the self that have been shut down or avoided as a result of the trauma.


# 14 Inner Child/Adult Reclamation Part 2

This is the continuation of the reclamation exercise.


# 15 Embracing the Now

This will speak to how one can see and experience things differently in the present moment.


# 16 The Summary & Sequence

This will provide a summary of the lessons and a reminder of the sequence to be used.



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About Stephen King


Stephen King has been a Registered Clinical Counsellor since 1989. He has worked at Pathways Addictions Resource Centre in Penticton since 1989. He has authored two books on energy psychology PTSD entitled, Rapid Recovery: Accelerated Information Processing & Healing and ‘PTSD: Cleaning and Clearing Shock & Trauma’ and has also authored the books ’12 Steps to Authenticity’ and ‘The Book of Existential Questions’. He has also produced three online video courses about PTSD, Existentialism and Addictions. He also co-produced an online course under the title ‘Children and Youth: Dissipating Depression, Anxiety & Trauma’. visit Steve’s website at www.steve-king.ca


Learn at your own pace


100% satisfaction guarantee


Dissipating the Images and Emotions of Trauma

by Stephen King

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