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Community Growth Hacking

Movement Building with strategy

by Tristan Pollock

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Community Growth Hacking

Movement Building with strategy

by Tristan Pollock

What you'll learn


Develop a framework to implement your refined movement building strategy


Better understand what makes a community and how they are built


How to effectively use community for your business


How to start & launch your community


Strategy and tactics from successful communities out there


How to sustain growth in your community and manage it effectively


How to measure community health


Understand how companies build cult followings


Hey there lifelong learner, it’s me, Tristan, your friendly course creator. I created this course because I want to share my learnings from a decade of building/selling startups and scaling communities as a tech entrepreneur and VC.

The one common thread I found from my work was that I took a cross-functional approach to growing a business that I’m calling my ‘Movement Building’ strategy. It encompasses building a megaphone around your mission-driven business. The mission is imperative, because I want to empower the current and future leaders of positive world change with this knowledge.

I want your communities, companies, and impact to flourish. That’s why I made this course. I hope together we can make some big, positive improvements to the way businesses are run, grown, and influence the world. Let’s do this, together.

Course structure


The Community Landscape - Community Renaissance

What is a community? We'll discuss the three types of communities and the building blocks that make these thrive. We'll analyse communities in practice and how they are formed in the first place, as well as distinguishing Community vs. Movement.


Communities as Driver for Business

Why build a community? Why is community important to startups? Does community building have to happen from the get go? We'll go over different strategies and dissect some well-known communities to establish how to harness their power for your business.


Community Growth Journey

We've gone over the power of communities, now, how do we get it all started? Is there a critical mass when it comes to community? What value does community provide these days? We'll take a closer look into successful company playbooks and understand their launch strategy and tactics.


Creating a Self-Organising Structure & Incentive

How do you create a community system, juggle responsibilities, and manage your community effectively? We'll go over examples other companies have applied to their own systems and touch on some common mistakes to avoid when applying this to your own business.


Measuring Success

Could we map a community's growth journey to a startup's stages? How do we measure and understand community health? We'll go over a framework and tools to aid you in gauging your own community health, and how to fix it if it isn't as healthy as you want it to be.


Community vs Cult

Want a cult-like following? We'll dissect companies who have successfully built a cult following and what we can learn from them for building our own communities.


The Future of Community

Where is community going from here? Blockchain? Private or smaller groups? We'll discuss the next stage of community that can perhaps spark some creative ideas for your own business.

What people say

Arjun Dev Arora

Tristan is a stellar community builder and startup accelerator!

Claire Verity, Former CEO of U...

Tristan has a unique ability to build trust and collaborative partnerships. I co...

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Kasey Luck, Startup Founder

Tristan is a kick-ass entrepreneur and strategic thinker, but he is also extreme...

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Rina Onur Sirinoglu, General P...

I've seen many founding teams flourish from Tristan's mentorship and hands-on ap...

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Justin Davis, Founder/CEO of B...

Tristan is a smart, deep thinking, and driven entrepreneur. He has been extremel...

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Matt Ellsworth, VC at 500 Startups

I've never worked with someone more positive or motivating than Tristan.

Robert Stephens, Founder of Ge...

Tristan is honest, humble, curious, persistent.



Ask questions & record your reflections


Get support from a small group of like-minded learners

About Tristan Pollock


Tristan is a movement builder and community growth hacker who has built and sold 2 ImpactTech startups and invested $30M in VC for 500 Startups. He’s helped Google, Nike, Best Buy, and Kanye West scale their businesses through nontraditional marketing. He’s also dedicated to protecting nature via climate technology and is a Terra ClimateTech VC Fellow.

Enrollment for this course is


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Yes! Episodes are initially released once a week when the course starts but you'll always have full access to the episodes and any additional resources, even after you've completed the course with your group of peers.

Collaborative learning courses are all about bringing learners together to support and empower each other, so it's important that you all go through the experience at the same time. Sharing the experience with others challenges you, motivates you, and emphasises discussion and collaboration.


Community Growth Hacking

by Tristan Pollock

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